How do I merge courses in Blackboard? Why can't I just combine courses?!

Managing multiple course sections in Blackboard can be tough for instructors. If an instructor is teaching multiple sections of the same course, the instructor either has to send out repetitive communications to each section, or contact their Blackboard Administrator to combine courses.


Our solution allows instructors and administrators to combine course sections in Blackboard.

Instructors may use our Course Stacker software to combine sections of a course within Blackboard Learn.  This tool reduces the number of course sections that an instructor needs to manage within Blackboard and saves hours of instructor time over the course of a semester.


How does it work?

Course Stacker for Instructors

Course Stacker for Instructors

After you download the software, install the Building Block in Blackboard Learn.

Choose the Courses to Combine

Choose the Courses to Combine

Choose the courses that you would like to stack. If you are an administrator, you will be able to choose an instructor as well.



Next, Confirm your selected courses and your resulting course.



With our software, you pick your courses to combine and confirm your selection. It's that easy!

"I teach several sections of the same course. Can I combine them in Blackboard?"


 With our Course Stacker, you can. 

 Save Your Institution Time and Money. 

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Originally developed for the University of Alaska Fairbanks, this software makes combining courses easy. The software is a Blackboard Building Block, and we offer initial support to help you get the software up and running at your institution.  


If you have technical questions about the software, please direct them to the developer, and for business inquiries, please contact us.  


We will be releasing our software in August 2014.  Sign up here to get updates and to help us learn about your insitution's needs.

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