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Licensed Technologies

Licensed Technologies

Over 40 UAF technologies have been licensed, with the majority of these being licensed to companies in Alaska. Through our licensing efforts, we aim to make businesses more competitive and create jobs.

Our Success


Nanook Innovation Corporation has worked with existing and new businesses to license technology.  By getting new technology out to industry, we provide companies with a competitive advantage that can lead to new business channels, greater revenue, and new job creation.


Below, please find a list of UAF technologies that have been licensed. 



Inventor Dan Stahlke invented the SwathViewer while working for the University of Alaska Fairbanks. SwathViewer is a powerful, lightweight global mapping and imagery Java applet coupled to an efficient, scalable server platform. The inventor and the Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA) produced this viable technology after starting development in 2006. Through guidance, expertise and collaboration efforts by the Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization, the invention was successfully marketed and licensed to SeaSpace.



Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative Data

Resource management, emergency preparedness, and disaster recovery all depend on accurate location information.  However, the State of Alaska does not have a high resolution, baseline map.  Several years ago, the state of Alaska launched a new initiative to begin gathering this data.  


The Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative is a collaboration between the Geographic Information Network of Alaska and the Alaska Department of Natural Resources that is producing an accurate, current, and seamless statewide base map.  NIC was selected as the entity to bring the data to market, has licensed a proprietary data to Geonorth, a geospatial solutions company.  For licensing, please contact GeoNorth, LLC.


Volcanic Ash Tracking and Forecasting


Volcanic ash poses a significant risk to global & regional commerce. Three UAF faculty members have started a company to help the airline, shipping, and insurance industries manage the risks associated with volcanic ash.


NIC is licensing software tools that were developed by the Alaska Volcano Observatory at the Geophysical Institute and a patent that was developed through a grant from the Air Force.

You can read more about V-Adapt at the UAF Cornerstone or at the company's website:


Update:  Business Starts to Flow for Volcano Risk Assessment Startup

PinBone Wizard


Our patented pulling technology pulls pin bones from all species of salmon without ruffling or damaging the meat.  The Pinbone Wizard pulls 90% of pin bones reliably, quickly, and cost effectively.  Nanook Innovation Corporation has licensed this technology to Freeman Bell Machine shop in Juneau, and has worked with the Geophysical Institute at UAF to find homes for several prototype machines.  Contact Freeman Bell Machine Shop in Juneau to purchase a new machine:  (907) 789-2580.


The pinbone machine recently made headlines, and you can find out more information here.


Read the Alaska Dispatch Article.

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